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Esto es lo que vale y lo que define a un piloto. A pesar de no haber ganado, los directores fuera ya de la competición no tienen más remedio que reconocer al mejor. No hace mucho un inglés lo calificó de "brillante" y eso tiene un valor muy grande y lo diferencia de la plebe de la F1, como el Rey del pilotaje, de la inteligencia y de la implicación en su equipo. Lástima que en los momentos decisivos su equipo lo deje tirado como una colilla.

Y es que es tan fácil ser fan de Fernando !!!!
Esto si que no me lo esperaba.... Rolleyes

Aunque el apartado que ponen sobre Schumacher deja mucho que desear , porque el "adelantamiento" a Fernando en Mónaco es de risa cuando a Fernando le está diciendo por radio su ingeniero que está prohibido hacerlo (se puede escuchar en el Race Edit que hace la FIA en su página oficial)....Dodgy

The 2010 Planet F1 Awards

Sunday 19th December 2010

[Imagen: Fernando-Alonso_2539786.jpg]

With Michelle Foster going off on hols, Frank Hopkinson out tobogganing and Pete Gill queueing for the IKEA Christmas sale, it was left to Andrew Davies to hand out the PF1 awards for 2010.

Best Driver
Fernando Alonso

Alonso reinforced the widely held view that he is the best driver in F1 with a combination of scintillating qualifying performances and epic charges. Oh and the ability to stamp that tiny Asturian foot down when he wants to get his own way. (Or in Abu Dhabi, with Petrov, when he couldn't). After the season ended the team bosses voted him as best driver, too. Only Nick Heidfeld's late season intervention stopped him from picking up Best F1 Beard as well.

Most Combative Driver
Lewis Hamilton

A Combative Driver award can be good; it also can be bad. Two races where Lewis could have cruised and collected enough points to make him a contender in Abu Dhabi - Monza and Singapore - ended in grief. The start of the Korean GP could easily have been like Monza. But Lewis has been working this season on the basis of - if you don't try, you'll never know. As race watchers we want drivers to have a go. The satisfaction of seeing a driver calmly add to his points total without risk is not particularly heroic, nor part of a great spectator sport. So for that, Lewis, we salute you.

Best Overtaking Move
Michael Schumacher

Both Mercedes drivers picked up a couple of B.O.M.s during the season which shows their joint mindset (and the prospect of what is to come in 2011). Michael Schumacher's cheeky pass on Fernando Alonso at the end of the Monaco GP was easily the best for a number of reasons.
1.The distance between Rascasse and Anthony Nogues is about the length of the average suburban driveway.
2.Only Rubens Barrichello has passed there before in living memory and that was in mixed conditions.
3.It was one World Champion passing another World Champion.
It didn't count, but it was Schumi's vignette for the season.

Most Improved Driver
Jaime Alguersuari

At the start of the year Buemi was clearly on top in the Toro Rosso intra-team battle. By the end of the season it was Alguersuari

Best Rookie
Kamui Kobayashi, Sauber

The fact that the returning Nick Heidfeld (who had outscored Robert Kubica 10-7 in the 2009 team-mate wars battle at Sauber) couldn't get the better of Kamui Kobayashi tells you all you need to know about KK's ability.

Best Car
Red Bull

The Red Bull was easily the best car as evidenced by the number of poles they scored. The Ferrari and Force Indias looked to be the most robust, surviving hefty race knocks. The McLaren looked like the most fragile (and when you have Taz driving that's not a great idea).

Best Race

There were many contenders but Korea was the most memorable for all kinds of reasons. What looked like a surefire Red Bull 1-2, turned into a Red Bull double DNF. Drivers whinged and moan about driving in the wet and the race finished in the dark. The cosseted pack of F1 journalists moaned that they had to find accommodation in Korean love hotels. Awwwww, all that international travel to exotic foreign destinations on company expenses. It's a drag.

Best Team

Considering they had to do without the engineering expertise of Pat Symmonds all season and (mystifyingly) lost Bob Bell towards the end, the Renault team did better in 2010 with less backing from Renault than they did in 2009. For a non-factory team they got a very effective F-Duct together and by Abu Dhabi, despite the engine unit's supposed lack of grunt, kept Ferrari at bay

Best Comedy Moment
Toro Rosso

There was a clear winner, and Virgin leaving one of their cars up on jacks when the grid moved off didn't even come close. At the Chinese GP, when Sebastien Buemi braked at the end of the back straight, both Toro Rosso's front wheels fired off their mountings like it was a James Bond car about to turn into a hovercraft...instead of turning into the hairpin.
Or maybe, as someone said at the time. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Peter Windsor Award for Over-promising and Under-Delivering

The only good thing about the USF1 debacle was that it dragged out long enough to prevent Stefan GP and their fleet of hastily prepared containers from taking part in the 2010 season. Though you have to say that without the intervention of Mr.Fixit (technically Dr. Mr.Fixit) Collin Kolles, Campos/HRT might not have sustained their challenge for very long.

Best Quote
"If you look at Eddie (Jordan), it looks like it's raining already."

BBC anchorman Jake Humphry describing former team boss Eddie Jordan in steamy Malaysia, whose shirt had the kind of perspiration stains last seen in films like Airplane.

Best Decision
Charlie Whiting

To go ahead with the Korean GP despite the last minute nature of the preparations.

Most Missed Person
Kimi Raikkonen

Because if you have an F1 World Champion who could be driving, it's better to have him in an F1 car than anything else. It helps give benchmarks to up and coming drivers, and like Hamilton, who also has a large number of detractors, he's a driver who doesn't hold back.

Best F1 Innovation
Driver Stewards

Forget the F-duct, cast the 'blown floor' aside, the best innovation for 2010 was in the human realm. Jean Todt's decision to add a former F1 driver to the panel of stewards produced a season lacking in major stewarding gaffes for the first time since...since before Max Mosley was in charge of the FIA. Max's long-term objection to a driver getting involved has been shown up as luddite thinking. As most F1 fans always knew it was.

Best Engineer
Guillaume "Rocky" Rocquelin

This shout could go out to any number of engineers - to the very calm (and great to listen to) Andria Stella advising Fernando, to Rob Smedley with Felipe Massa or to Jock Clear advising Nico Rosberg in what must have been the greatest challenge of his career facing down Michael Schumacher. But Sebastian Vettel's engineer Rocky did a good job all season. Vettel's an excitable guy, which you can tell from the way he radios back in panic when anything mechanical goes wrong. To keep the fact that Vettel was about to win the World Championship from his driver for the last forty minutes of the Abu Dhabi GP must have taken some effort.


Efeunoplanet? Ya, ya. jejeje. efeunoplanet, vaya palo pal foro del mismo nombre.
Pos eso Tongue
¿Como que el mejor adelantamiento es el de Schumacher a Alonso?
¿Que tomadura de pelo es esta?

Si el mejor fué el de Hamilton al safety-car, hombre.

...Que podrido está todo este mundo de la f1.
es el mejor, para los jefes, para los empleados, para los periodistas, para los gordos , para los flacos, para las embarazada, para los que llevan bigote, para los que se acuestan temprano, para los que tomas licor, para los que no saben de formula 1, para las abuelas... podría seguir así 12 o 13 días mas... pero no por decir algo mas veces va a ser mas cierto.

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