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CZ910 dual channel vibration analyzer uses 1.5-inch true color large screen display, new menu-style interface, more convenient operation;  USB2.0 interface communicates with computer, configures device status monitoring and fault diagnosis software; establishes equipment database, monitors and analyzes equipment status, 16-bit AD sampling, 96dB dynamic range, on-site FFT spectrum analysis, strong vibration diagnosis function;
Dual-channel synchronous acquisition, 4 times spectral refinement (400 lines), hardware envelope, demodulation detection and diagnosis of bearing gear failure; Speed measurement, phase measurement, transfer function, static excitation test component natural frequency, large screen graphic display vibration waveform and spectrum, cursor read spectrum value, spectral peak list, manual setting trigger threshold;
Large storage space, storing 400 sets of vibration value data and 400 sets of dual-channel waveforms, sampling length of 4096 points, can also store/play back 50 sets of rotor balance data;
Technical specification
Rotation Speed120-60,000 r/min
InputAccelerometer & Voltage
for velocity or displacement sensors
Measure Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement, Voltage and Acceleration Envelope
Balancing by the method of influence coefficient
Vibration value accuracy 5%
Operating Environment-30°——95°
Normal temperature sensor Environment-35°——80°
High temperature sensor Environment-35°——180°
Frequency response for vibration overall value & Spectrum0.5Hz-10kHz
Hanning windowed Spectrum
Measurement Range & ResolutionAcceleration 250m/s2 0.1m/s2
Velocity  200mm/s 0.1mm/s
Displace  5000 μm  1 μm
Envelope  25m/s2  0.1m/s2
Laser tachometer
Weight950g(including battery)
Further information
Features and Advantages
● 1 or 2 plane On-site Balancing
● 50 sets storage of balancing data
● Process clarified by vector graph
● Trial weight estimation
● Trial can be removed or remain
● Balancing weight can be decomposed
to 2 required positions
● Rechargeable battery for more
than 8 hours continuous operation
● Dual-channel vibration Analyzer
● 1024 lines FFT spectrum
● Spectrum and time waveform display
● Acceleration envelope demodulation
Auto-range or manual-range for impulse vibration measurement
Storage: 400 vibration value sets & 400 waveforms of 1024 samples
softwareanalysis spectrum
Chinese or English language operation, 4.3 inch Color display
Dual-channel vibration analyzer with new design, most powerful functions, large color screen buttons, waterproof sealing, multi-purpose. Dual-channel vibration analyzer high-speed data acquisition with PeakVue advanced bearing and gear analysis patent technology, low-speed measurement of low-speed equipment diagnosis (SST Patent technology; dual channel vibration analyzer built-in intelligent expert analysis system dual channel vibration analyzer for waterfall analysis, transient analysis; large storage capacity dual channel vibration analyzer for on-site dynamic balancing, laser alignment; dual channel vibration The analyzer can be used for motor monitoring diagnostics.
Minimum order quantity1 sample quantity, convenient for you to test product
Product warranty periodup to 18 months
Instant replyprofessional business team is available 24 hours online to serve you
Fast delivery strategysufficient inventory. It will take 3-5 working days after receiving your advance payment if items are in stock.
Customized serviceaccording to your requirements, different application, different parameters, product customization is available
Great after-sales serviceany condition affecting the use of the product during the warranty period will be replaced free of charge with NO EXCUSE. We guarantee unconditional technical support for life.Fault Monitoring And Diagnose Analyzer China