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Product introduction:
They are more beautiful than screws-fixed crowns, which have a hole in the top.
They are cheaper than screw-fixing crowns.
Cement-preserved crowns are simpler and faster to prepare and treat.
Implants are artificial root canals that insert missing teeth into the subgingival bone. After the implant is integrated into the bone (3 months), prepare the tooth replacement-crown. A base is installed between the implant and the crown, which is screwed into the implant to support the crown (roughly the same as the root or method of preparation for preparation or storage). As for their retention, the crowns can be implanted in cement.
A single tooth can be restored by implants. This fixed tooth replacement consists of three parts:
1 injection, 2 contiguous, 3 cement to maintain zirconia crown, and with special type of bonding cement fixed on the base.High Quality Cement Retained Implant