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Versión completa: Fernando Alonso's overtakes 2011
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Hello, guys, my friend arte600 posted my video "F1 Fernando Alonso's Overtakes 2011" and it had been alright before it was deleted for the copyrights violation. FOM really went crazy about the copyright and I guess we have nothing to oppose. So I managed to have my video bypassed, by deleting all the F1 logos on all the video frames. So this is new version of the video. Hope you enjoy. I'm going to make Hamilton's Overtakes next. In the next video I will use the HD replays from the races so the quality will be even better. But I need a nice song, like in that video, it must be impressive, sensual and 4 minutes + any ideas?

P.S. I'm Fernando's fan Smile Love him more than myself Smile

it's also in arte600's channel

Best Regards,
Sergey Voronkov,
Muy bueno el ví puedes y no es mucha molestia para ti, estaría mucho mejor si escribieras en español.

un cordial saludo desde Alemania

I'd love to, but I don't know spanish Smile only HOLA Big Grin
Thanks for the video!!
Hi Sergey, very good for your aporte.Pero the video.Gracias, can you tell me the title of the song and who sings it, Thank you and always be with Fernando.
Muy guapo el video, ojala que en las dos siguientes carreras y en los proximos campeonatos veamos muchos más adelantamientos como estos.
Sergey, Google is your friend... Smile
Вы можете перевести с Google и копирования и вставки.
Very good this video. Thanks you.
Welcome to this Fan Site...
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