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GP de Singapur 2015

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HORARIOS en ESPAÑA del GP (y retransmisión en TV)

FP1: 12:00h (en directo en ATRES PLAYER)
FP2: 15:30h (en directo en ATRES PLAYER)

FP3: 12:00h (en diferido a las 15:30h por A3)
QUALIFYING: 15:00h (en directo en A3)

CARRERA: 14:00h (en directo en A3) 

[Imagen: 6136844935_5ce9746552_z.jpg]...
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El alerón móvil en el C. de Marina Bay

[Imagen: 001_small.jpg]

  1. Punto de detección a 230 metros antes de la llegada a la curva 5.
         Punto de activación a 50 metros después del vértice de la misma curva. 
  2. Punto de detección a 80 metros antes del vértice de la curva 22.
         Punto de activación 45 metros después del vértice de la siguiente curva, la 23. 

[Imagen: 6137406676_93a11ddced_z.jpg]...........[Imagen: 6138193820_6bab3f5f70_z.jpg]


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Compuestos de Neumáticos Gp de Singapur

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La Frenada más dura en el C. de Marina Bay

[video=youtube] [/video]

El tiempo en Singapur

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Abrimos tema en ausencia de Forfi, a la que aprovechamos para mandar un saludo en su merecido descanso!!

Ya estamos en semana de GP!
Venga, aaaaala.... otro GP...
[Imagen: the_passion_of_the_christ_011.jpg?w=869]
COMPUESTOS BLANDO Y SUPERBLANDO, como ya habíais dicho en otras ocasiones. Se espera una gran diferencia de rendimiento entre ambos compuestos, veremos si finalmente es así.

Singapore Grand Prix Preview: Singapore, September 17-20, 2015




Milan, September 14, 2015 – Formula One has a very different look to it this weekend, as the circus heads to Singapore and the famous Marina Bay night race, which provides one of the most compelling spectacles of the season. The two softest tyres in the range – P Zero Yellow soft and P Zero Red supersoft – have been nominated for this street circuit, which has a number of unusual aspects to it. Being a night race, with all the practice and qualifying sessions held at night too, the way that track temperature evolves is considerably different to more conventional grands prix – and this has a significant effect on the way that the tyres are used.

Paul Hembery, Pirelli motorsport director: “Since joining the calendar in 2008, Singapore has always provided a truly stunning spectacle that showcases what Formula One is all about: the most advanced technology in the world, under the spotlights. As this is a street circuit, we’ve nominated the two softest and fastest tyres in the range: they offer the maximum mechanical grip and a rapid warm-up, which are two keys to success in Singapore. There are lots of factors for the teams and drivers to consider when planning strategy: the unusual track temperature evolution, a big performance gap between the two compounds, the need to save fuel over the long and demanding race distance, as well as the high likelihood of a safety car, which has featured at every race in Singapore so far. Because of all these variables and also the assorted street furniture – painted white lines, manhole covers and so on, which have caught out a few drivers in the past – the work done in free practice to capture all the necessary tyre data will be even more important than usual.
During these days, we will also be defining, together with the FIA, a clearer procedure enabling the teams to more easily follow the rules regarding tyre usage. This is important to avoid any misunderstandings, by giving the teams more precise indications to comply with, thus avoiding what happened to Mercedes in Monza”.

The biggest challenges for the tyres:
Singapore has the highest number of corners of any circuit on the Formula One calendar (23), creating more work for the tyres. Coupled with the 80% humidity, two-hour race time, and the fact that it’s the second-slowest lap of the year after Monaco (which limits cooling and airflow through the car) this makes Marina Bay the most physically challenging circuit of all for the drivers.
All these corners mean that traction and braking are the two most vital aspects of the Marina Bay circuit. Like most street circuits, the surface in Singapore is quite bumpy, and this certainly doesn’t help. With very little run-off area, mistakes rarely go unpunished: requiring a high degree of precision from the tyre. The left-rear is the tyre that is worked hardest, while the cars run very high downforce.
Ambient temperatures tend to be in the region of 30-35 degrees centigrade even at night, making it perfect territory for the high working range of the soft tyre. Drivers will have to manage the supersoft carefully, in order to benefit from the compound’s maximum performance by not overheating it.

Last year’s strategy and how the race was won: Lewis Hamilton won the 61-lap race using a three-stop strategy. He started on the supersoft, pitted for supersoft again on lap 15, supersoft again on lap 31, and soft on lap 52. There was a wide variety of strategies used throughout the field.

Expected performance gap between the two compounds: 1.8 – 2.2 seconds per lap.

The Pirelli team choose their race numbers: #29, Matt Watts, tyre fitter team leader
“I would choose the number 29, as it’s a number that has always followed me around. When I was a kid, the house I grew up in was number 29. And now, the house I have just moved to is number 29 as well”.

Who we’re following on Twitter this week: @alanbaldwinf1. Alan is the F1 correspondent for Reuters, bringing plenty of behind the scenes insight to his Twitter account. Including, for instance, a photo of a door simply marked ‘Gladiator’ in the Williams motorhome. What’s behind the door is yet to be revealed: Russell Crowe?
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atentos que el sabado es.................

Sábado19 de septiembre

13:25Entrenamientos libres 3 (dif.)

y en directo la clasificacion
ya estamos aqui ,

,Zenquiu very mach !!!!!!!

puntitos ,,!!!!!!!

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y diversion ,,!!!!!!!!!!
a disfrutar amigos
Esperemos que sea una carrera entretenida, los puntos me parece un objetivo más que factible para el JEFE.

[Imagen: CLBL0tEWIAEpBlc.png]

La organización del GP de Singapur, que se celebra del 18 al 20 de septiembre, ha confirmado pequeños cambios en el trazado del Marina Bay Street Circuit, concretamente entre las curvas 11 y 13. La curva 11 se ha hecho más cerrada y lenta que hará que veamos más adelantamientos. Dicha curva conducirá a los pilotos hacia la calle Fullerton Road y se incorporarán a la salida del Anderson Bridge donde llegarán a la frenada de la curva 13 a una velocidad de 200 km/h. La curva 13 será ensanchada en un metro de tal modo que los pilotos tengan otro punto de adelantamiento dentro del circuito urbano de Singapur lo que, a la postre, redunda en carreras más entretenidas para los aficionados que verán más adelantamientos.

Leer más en:
Además de una carrera entretenida, sólo pido que el JEFE se divierta. Y si además de eso, no abandonamos y entramos en los puntos, pues miel sobre hojuelas!